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T03 is a newly licensed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. The dose you chose is based on the standard dose recommended by the manufacturer, 75mg twice a day. It is a relatively well absorbed drug with an average bioavailability of about 90%. It is primarily cleared by hepatic metabolism, with no active metabolites. Its plasma elimination half-life is approximately 6-8 hours. Large scale clinical trials suggest that analgesic effects are on average observable at plasma concentrations exceeding 2.5mg/L, while anti-inflammatory effects require peak concentrations of at least 5mg/L. Plasma concentrations greater than 7mg/L may be associated with a higher risk of hepatoxicity.

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Mr TCK is a 30 Chinese man who has recently been diagnosed as having an inflammatory arthritis of unknown cause. While waiting to complete his diagnostic work-up, you have prescribed a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, empirically named here T03, to relieve his painful right knee. Apart from his arthritis, he is clinically well and does not have evidence of liver or kidney disease.


Multiple Oral Dose (NSAID)

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