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The Pharmacokinetics Visualizer not only simulates a pharmacokinetic profile, but also empirically simulates the potential pharmacokinetic variability in a theoretical population. 

The principle objective is to allow the user to develop an insight into the  potential pharmacokinetic variability that exists in any population, and between patients, and through this, learn to adapt therapeutics to differing needs of individual patients.

The core functionalities in the Pharmacokinetic Visualizer are:

1. The patient generator

2. The graph builder, and 

3. The dosage builder



The pharmacokinetic profile from a randomly generated patient drawn from a theoretical population of 20 similar patients is displayed. A simple toggle allows the user to flip between a single patient and population display. This provides useful insight into potential interindividual variability.

The user can also select any of the other 20 patients.

Another toggle allows generation of another population of 20 patients.

The dosage builder allows the user to practice at designing an optimal dosage regimen.

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